Hard times..

Hey folks..I didn’t post anything here for a while, for several reasons..honestly, it didn’t take me long to activate myself and my creativity and figure out how to survive to this unexpected and crazy situation..I can definitely be proud of myself. But then..I just fell in a moment of emptiness..no ideas, no creativity, and a lot of health issues..at the moment, the refrain of this time didn’t change..concerts keep being cancelled, and I figure there won’t be much left before the end of the year. Before the lockdown, I was in the middle of the recordings of my next record, called “Trouble never let you down”..perfect name for this time, right?! Hopefully I’ll be able to go back to work on it soon..I have my band “The lonesome millionaires” backing me up on that, plus fantastic guests. It will be a soulful record for sure! Anyway, I look forward to better and safer times, to come back on stage, with energy and enthusiasm. Stay safe and healthy. Love, Stef


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