coming soon….Woodoo Studio Berlin!!!!

Hey folks!! Finally, after months of carpentry work, in between of touring like I never did before..I made it!! My studio is ready!!

Woodoo Studio Berlin!!

I always been excited and curious about sound recording. I begun studying it and practicing with microphones and recording in my parents bedroom, years ago in Genoa.

After years of hard work as a musician, I finally realized my dream to have my little, tiny, cozy studio in East Berlin!

In the last two years I’ve been recording, mixing and mastering my own records, and also for other great artists on the international blues scene: Marcos Coll & Will Jacobs, Dan Nash, Marko Jovanovic, Jan Hirte & Mitch Kashmar.

My motto is : vintage tone for modern times..

So, the target of my studio work is mainly mixing and mastering Blues, Soul, Funk and old acoustic music.

I can offer you my experience and knowledge as a touring musician to help you giving your records that old, warm vintage vibe of the late 60’s, that you hear on many Motown and Stax records.

If you need some extra tracks for your recordings..there is also a recording booth equipped with everything you need: an analog mixing console from 1979, new and vintage mics (Neumann, Akg, Sennheiser, Oktava) a 1963 tube amplifier, and a Pearl drumkit, ready to catch the best out of you!

For any informations, contact me at

Let’s spread some good music, together!!