New album “Trouble never let you down” coming out soon!!

 Hey folks! I can finally give you an “expected release date” for the new record! It will be in the middle of, very soon! Still lot of work to do in studio, but I am extremely excited! This will be my first record with only original songs, and my personal third. It’s definitely a “band” record, with big soul and funk influences..basically, a personal tribute to my favorite kind of electric blues, and to my guitar heroes I grew up with.

Many friends and incredible musicians are involved in this recording, I couldn’t be luckier than’s also the first official record coming out of my new studio, the FuzzNote.

So, I can’t wait to have this record finished and rolling on the plate! It will be released in limited cd and vinyl format, and available on line on Bandcamp and of course Spotify.

Meanwhile I am releasing a series of video logs called “StudioLogs”, where I bring you in the studio with me, step by step during the process of recordings! StudioLog n.1 is already on my Facebook page, and in these very next days also on my YouTube channel, together with video n.2!

Till soon, stay safe!!