Next Shows 2023

14/1: Crazy Blues (Montecatini, Italy)

20/1: Blue Monday Festival (Porto, Portugal)

21/1: Blue Monday Festival (Porto, Portugal)

22/1: Blue Monday Festival (Porto, Portugal)

From 10/3 to 19/3: South Korea

24/3: Blues Badgers Festival (Haifa, Israel)

25/3: Blues Badgers Festival (Haifa, Israel)

31/3: Blues Festival (Gütersloh, Germany)

14/4: Eisenach (Germany) with Roger Wade

15/4: Blues Harp Festival (Traun, Austria) with Roger Wade

22/4: Slow Town Fest (Torino, Italy)

23/4: Slow Town Fest (Torino, Italy)

5/5: Paris Midnight Blues (Paris)

6/5: Paris Midnight Blues (Paris)

7/5: Panketal (Germany)

From 27/5 to 3/6: Harmonica Workshop (Croatia) with Marko Jovanovic

11/6 to 15/6: Blues Camp (Göhren, Germany)

14/7: Goodtimes Festival (Guglionesi, Italy)

15/7: Goodtimes Festival (Guglionesi, Italy)

16/7: Goodtimes Festival (Guglionesi, Italy)

27/8: Sonntags ans Schloss (Saarbrücken, Germany)

22/9: Belta Blues (Newcastle, England)

24/9: Belta Blues (Newcastle, England)

29/9: Jazz & Blues Festival Jegelscheune (Wendelstein, Germany)