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2-3-4/1: Recording session for RBB Radio (Berlin) with Micha Maass and Klaas Wending
8/1: Jelly Roll Session at Bassy (Berlin)
13/1: Kitchen (Genova) with Alberto Malnati
21/1: Blues dance event in Valencia (Spain) with Dan Nash
26/1: Tuballoswing Festival (Florence)
27/1: Tuballoswing Festival (Florence)
1/2: Detmold (Germany) with Dieter Kropp
2/2: Atlantic Blues Festival (Porto, Portugal) solo concert
3/2: Atlantic Blues Festival (Porto, Portugal) with Marcos Coll
9/2: Dieskau (Germany) with Micha Maass
10/2 to 15/2: Bologna Swing Dance Festival (Italy)
18/2: Crack Bellmar (Berlin) with The Roaring Rag Beastie
24/2: Matzbach (Berlin)
25/2: Double Shot Festival (Valencia, Spain)
2/3: Traditional Blues Festival (Munich, Germany)
3/3: Traditional Blues Festival (Munich, Germany)
7/3: Yorckschlosschen (Berlin)
8/3: Timberjacks Bar & Grill (Göttingen, Germany)
10/3: Hygge Blues Festival (Denmark)
11/3: Hygge Blues Festival (Denmark)
20/3: Zeitz (Germany) with Micha Maass
22/3: Blues Garage (Berlin) with The Roaring Rag Beastie
24/3: Bread Jar Blues (Tel Aviv)
2/4: Loev Hotel (Binz, Germany) with Raphael Wressnig and Micha Maass
3/4: Loev Hotel (Binz, Germany) with Raphael Wressnig and Micha Maass
6/4: Ratskeller Koepenick (Berlin) with Raphael Wressnig and Micha Maass
7/4: Blues am Werkstaat (Berlin) with Raphael Wressnig and Micha Maass
8/4: Vienna Sugar Blues (Austria)
14/4: House concert in Poznan (Poland)
16/4: Jelly Roll Session (Berlin)
19/4: Sala Sonar (Santiago, Spain) with Marcos Coll
20/4: Nido do Cuco (Ribeira, Spain) with Marcos Coll
21/4: Centro Cultural Goian (Spain) with Marcos Coll
22/4: La Pecera (Vigo, Spain) with Marcos Coll
23/4: Jelly Roll Session (Berlin)
26/4: Blues Garage (Berlin)
28/4: Speiches (Berlin) with Marcos Coll
5/5: Lovelite (Berlin)
6/5: Private concert in Nauen (Germany)
9/5: Alte Brauerei (Tangermünde) with Carlos Dalelane
10/5: Alte Brauerei (Tangermünde) with Carlos Dalelane
17/5: Blues Garage (Berlin)
18/5: La Bellevilloise (Paris, France)
19/5: Good Fellow Blues (Paris, France)
20/5: Good Fellow Blues (Paris, France)
26/5: Niederlehme (Germany) with Rolling Sapphires
1/6: Crossroads Blues (Derby, England)
2/6: Crossroads Blues (Derby, England)
9/6: Duisburg (Germany) with The Baseballs
10/6 to 15/6: Blue Wave Camp (Rügen, Germany)
16/6: Bremen (Germany)
17/6: Blues Festival in Kiel (Germany)
29/6: Mississippi Barbecue (Juteborg, Germany)
30/6: Private party in Kiel (Germany)
1/7: Duckstein Festival (Binz, Germany)
27/7: Vaasa Festival (Finland) with The Baseballs
28/7: We love Festival (Helsinki, Finland) with The Baseballs
5/8 to 11/8: Mountain Blues Camp
12/8: Mississippi Barbecue (Berlin) with Micha Maass & Klaas Wendling
14/8: Idyll Cafe (Berlin) with Micha Maass & Klaas Wendling
16/8: Clipper (Berlin) with Micha Maass & Klaas Wendling
17/8: Essen & Hören (Heringsdorf, Germany) with Micha Maass & Klaas Wendling
18/8: Hofkonzerte (Klein Trebbow, Stadt Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany) with Micha Maass and Klaas Wendling
19/8: Bear Blues Exchange (Berlin)
23/8: Blues Festival in Zingst (Germany)
25/8: private party (Berlin)
31/8: Speiches (Berlin) with Alex La Duus and Jan Hirte
6/9: März (Berlin)
7/9: Poznan (Poland) with The Baseballs
8/9: Leipzig (Germany) with The Baseballs
9/9: Aschaffenburg (Germany) with The Baseballs
13/9: Blues Garage (Berlin) with The Roaring Rag Beastie
14/9: Blues River Notes (Milan, Italy)
15/9: Blues River Notes (Milan, Italy)
16/9: Blues River Notes (Milan, Italy)
20/9: Blues Club Gdynia (Poland) with Marcos Coll
21/9: Private event in Poznan (Poland)
27/9: Timberjacks (Göttingen) with The Roaring Rag Beastie
28/9: Rathaus Köpenick (Berlin) with Mike Greene band
29/9: Blues Festival in Großbeeren with Mike Greene band
30/9: Klipper (Berlin) with Micha Maass and Klaas Wendling
11/10: Dave Lombardo (Berlin) with The Roaring Rag Beastie (duo)
12/10: Round Midnight (Athens, Greece)
13/10: Round Midnight (Athens, Greece)
14/10: Round Midnight (Athens, Greece)
18/10: März (Berlin)
19/10: Bistrò del Borgo (Valpolicella, Verona) with Jessie Gordon
21/10: Spirit (Milan, Italy) with Jessie Gordon
23/10: Cantina Garibaldi (Reggio Emilia) with Jessie Gordon
24/10: Agriturismo Ca’ Berti (Modena) with Jessie Gordon
26/10: Octoblues (Dortmund, Germany)
27/10: Octoblues (Dortmund, Germany)
2/11: International Harmonica Festival (Trossingen, Germany) with Marko Jovanovic
3/11: Lovelite (Berlin)
8/11: März (Berlin)
10/11: Little Blues Sister (Prague)
11/11: Little Blues Sister (Prague)
15/11: Blues Garage (Berlin)
16/11: Yorckschlosschen (Berlin) with The Roaring Rag Beastie
25/11: House party (Brooklyn, US)
30/11 to 2/12: Petit ESBF (Madrid)
8/12: Crossroad blues (Derby, England)
11/12: Christmas Market in Hamburg, with Klaas Wendling
13/12: Blues Garage (Berlin)
15/12: Winter Wonderland Blues (Erlangen, Germany)
1/1: Altroquando (Rome)
3/1: Jerry Thomas (Rome)
10/1: März (Berlin) with Marcos Coll
11,12,13/1: Crazy Blues (Montecatini, Italy)
19/1: Blues in town Festival (Esslingen, Germany) with Marcos Coll
21/1: Sandmann (Berlin) with Jan & Alex Hirte
22/1: House concert (Lichterfelde) with Marko Jovanovic
26/1: Sitting at the foot of the Blues (London, England)
31/1: Blues Garage (Berlin) with Jan & Alex Hirte
2/2: Gin house blues (Bern, Switzerland)
14/2: Blues Garage (Berlin)
16/2: Yorckschlosschen (Berlin) with The Roaring Rag Beastie
21,22,23,24/2: Double Shot (Valencia, Spain)
28/2: Dance night at März (Berlin) with Micha Maass
6/3: März (Berlin) with Joshua Fialkoff
7/3: Cazorla blues party (Yorckschlosschen, Berlin)
14/3: Blues Garage (Berlin)
15/3: Lokal (Buckow, Germany)
22/23/24/3: Hygge Blues (Copenhagen)
28/3: Idyll (Berlin)
31/3: Vienna Sugar Blues (Vienna)
2/4: SOUL MINING CD RELEASE PARTY (Machinehaus, Berlin)
4/4: Blues Garage (Berlin) with Marcos Coll
5/4: Space Meduza (Berlin) with Marcos Coll
12,13,14/4: Esbf (Madrid)
26/4: Speiches (Berlin) with Marcos Coll
4/5: BB Bluesfest (Lisbon, Portugal) with Marcos Coll
8/5: Yorckschlösschen (Berlin) with The Roaring Rag Beastie
9/5: Blues Garage (Berlin)
10/5: Jazz Club (Turin, Italy)
11/5: Slow Town Blues (Turin, Italy)
12/5: Spirit de Milan (Italy)
19/5: Crack Bellmer (Berlin)
23/5: 200 days to Blues Fever (Vienna)
25/5: Speakeasy (Helsinki, Finland)
26/5: Jazz Factory (Helsinki, Finland)
30/5: Copenhagen Lindy Exchange
31/5: El Blues Camp (Stuttgart)
1/6: El Blues Camp (Stuttgart)
7/6: 109 Za Rogiem (Poznan, Poland)
8/6: Charlie’s (Poznan, Poland)
9/6: Gdynia Blues Festival (Poland) with Marcos Coll and Andrzej Kownacki
12/6: Blues event in Prague
15/6: Howlin’ for my darlin’ (Berlin)
16 to 20/6: Blue Wave Camp (Rügen, Germany)
22/6: Private event
28,29,30/6: Moscow Blues Exchange (Russia)
6,7/7: Blues Spot (Strasbourg, France)
17/7: Timberjacks (Kassel, Germany)
18/7: Timberjacks (Göttingen, Germany)
19,20,21/7: Rebel Heart Blues (Cork, Ireland)
From 28/7 to 2/8: Blues Cruise
From 4/8 to 10/8: Mountain Blues Camp (Italy)
From 16 to 19/8: Hummingbird (Krakow, Poland)
23/8: The Jam (Gothenburg, Sweden)
24/8: The Jam (Gothenburg) with Marcos Coll
25/8: Lichterfelde Festival (Berlin) with The Roaring Rag Beastie
31/8: Severn Sinners (Bristol, UK)
6,7/9: Dance event in Bern (Switzerland)
11/9: Yorckschlösschen (Berlin) with The Roaring Rag Beastie
12/9: Blues Garage (Berlin)
13/9: private event (Italy)
14/9: Private event (Italy)
15/9: Bologna Strada del Jazz (Bologna, Italy)
27,28/9: Hüllball event with The Roaring Rag Beastie
5/10: Swingomania 2019 (Nuremberg) with Lorenzo Bergamino
6/10: Swingomania 2019 (Nuremberg) solo concert
11,12,13/10: Round Midnight (Athens)
25/10: Blues dance night at Ritzy (London)
26/10: Moonshine Blues (North Berwick, Scotland)
31/10: Harmonica Masters (Trossingen, Germany)
3/11: Crack Bellmer (Berlin)
8,9,10/11: Blues meets Balboa (Leipzig, Germany)
15/11: Blues in town (Stuttgart, Germany)
16/11: Stormy Monday Records (Ludwigsburg,Germany)
17/11: Cirque du solo (Berlin)
23/11: Jazz Club (Torino, Italy)
28,29,30/11: Petit Esbf (Madrid)

6/12: Lazy Blues (Stuttgart)

7/12: Lazy Blues (Stuttgart)

13,14,15/12: Blues Fever (Vienna)

21/12: Yorckschlösschen (Berlin)


11/1: Ice bear (Berlin)

23/2: House Concert (Berlin) with Marko Jovanovic

From 27/2 to 1/3: Double Shot (Valencia)

6,7,8/3: Hygge Blues (Copenhagen, Denmark)

20,21,22/3: Beijing Blues Bash (China)

27,28,29/3: ESBF (Madrid, Spain)

2,3,4,5/4: Vienna Sugar Blues

1,2,3,4/5: Low & Slow (La Garriga, Spain)

8/5: Paris Midnight Blues (Paris, France)

9/5: Paris Midnight Blues (Paris, France)

21,22,23,24/5: Stockholm blues festival (Sweden)

5,6/6: EL Blues Camp (Stuttgart)

26,27,28/6: Moscow Blues Exchange (Russia)

3,4,5/7: Blues Spot (Strasbourg, France)

22,23/8: Ladybug Blues (Netherlands)

3,4,5,6/9: The Big Blues (Crete)

13/9: Copenhagen blues exchange (Denmark)

25/9: Kulturbrauerei (Berlin) with Marcos Coll

2,3,4/10: The blues itch (Ljubljana, Slovenia)