Next Shows

11/1: Ice bear (Berlin)

17/1: TBA (Berlin)

23/1: The Roaring Rag Beastie cd release party @ Blues Garage (Berlin)

24,25,26/1: Poznan (Poland) TBA

6/2: Don Giovanni (Rome)

7/2: Friday in Blues (Rome)

8/2: Bobo (Rome)

10/2: Monday Jelly Roll Session (Berlin)

14/2: The Blues Shake @ The Goddess (Berlin)

23/2: House Concert (Berlin) with Marko Jovanovic

From 27/2 to 1/3: Double Shot (Valencia)

6/3: Lygten Station (Copenhagen) with Marcos Coll

7,8/3: Hygge Blues (Copenhagen, Denmark) with Marcos Coll

15/3: Bologna (Italy) CANCELLED

21/3: Torino Jazz Club (Italy) CANCELLED

27,28,29/3: ESBF (Madrid, Spain) CANCELLED

2,3,4,5/4: Vienna Sugar Blues CANCELLED

17,18/4: Belta Blues (Newcastle) CANCELLED

1,2,3,4/5: Low & Slow (La Garriga, Spain) CANCELLED

6/5: Yorckschlösschen (Berlin) CANCELLED

8/5: Paris Midnight Blues (Paris, France) CANCELLED

9/5: Paris Midnight Blues (Paris, France) CANCELLED

16/5: Speakeasy @ Casino Helsinki (Finland) CANCELLED

17/5: Jazz Factory (Helsinki) CANCELLED

21,22,23,24/5: Stockholm blues festival (Sweden) CANCELLED

5,6/6: EL Blues Camp (Stuttgart) CANCELLED

9/6: Jazz Dock (Prague) CANCELLED

10/6: TBA (Prague) CANCELLED

12,13,14/6: Blues Alive (Seoul, South Korea) CANCELLED

19,20,21/6: Trippin’ blues (Amsterdam) CANCELLED

28/6: Moscow Blues Exchange (Russia) CANCELLED

3,4,5/7: Blues Spot (Strasbourg, France) CANCELLED

6/7: Private party (Strasbourg, France) CANCELLED

From 2/8 to 9/8: Mountain Blues (Italy) CANCELLED

9/8 to 14/8: Nomad Blues Camp (France) CANCELLED

22,23/8: Ladybug Blues (Netherlands)


3,4,5,6/9: The Big Blues (Crete) CANCELLED

12/9: Quasimodo (Berlin) with Will Jacobs

13/9: Copenhagen blues exchange (Denmark) CANCELLED

14/9: Quasimodo (Berlin) with The Roaring Rag Beastie

20,21,22,23,24/9: Blues Camp (Göhren)

25/9: Kulturbrauerei (Berlin) with Marcos Coll CANCELLED

26,27/9: Sicily Dance Camp (Catania) CANCELLED

26/9: Facebook Live stream with The Roaring Rag Beastie

2/10: The blues itch (Ljubljana, Slovenia) CANCELLED

3,4/10: Swingomania (Nuremberg, Germany) CANCELLED

16/10: Loci Loft (Berlin)

23,24,25/10: Quick Quick Slow (Valencia) CANCELLED

23/10: Bali Kino (Berlin) with Marko Jovanovic

29/10: Hohner Harmonica Masters (Trossingen) CANCELLED

6,7,8/11: Roma in Blues (Rome) CANCELLED

10,11,12,13/12: Blues Fever (Vienna) CANCELLED