It’s almost time!!

Yes,’s almost time..”Soulify” is on its way to be printed and officially released to the World! I really can’t wait, believe me..I’ve been working on this record (and myself) for long enough, right now it’s just time to share with you my sound, my songs, my feels! I just want to say thanks to Timezone Records for being incredibly kind and supportive to me, as a new artist in the roster I was not expecting such a gentle and professional treatment..guys, you rock! It’s just a matter of days, and “Soulify” will be out on cd, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Timezone Records online shop! Big hugs to y’all!!

Pic by Nico Manuel Wagner

Back on stage!!

Finally!! It’s happening!! For real!! It’s time to go back on stage, and I can’t believe it..after more than a year..I’m just so excited!! I will keep you updated with the dates, and I am so looking forward to seeing you live at my concerts AGAIN!!

Happy New Year!!

Finally this damn 2020 is finished and we can jump into the new year! I really wish the best for everybody, to stay healthy and get rid of this virus..most of all, I hope the World to get rid of the virus of ignorance, cause that it’s making so much more damage than the Corona one..please stay safe, respect each other, keep loving the blues and listening to all good music..and hopefully we will be back on track soon! I can’t wait to come back on the road, touring like the “old” days..every weekend in a different country..damn, I miss that so much..meanwhile, I did some upgrades to my studio, the FuzzNote, so I can produce more videos about myself and my music, and deliver it to you, in the best quality possible! Till soon folks!!

Hard times..

Hey folks..I didn’t post anything here for a while, for several reasons..honestly, it didn’t take me long to activate myself and my creativity and figure out how to survive to this unexpected and crazy situation..I can definitely be proud of myself. But then..I just fell in a moment of ideas, no creativity, and a lot of health the moment, the refrain of this time didn’t change..concerts keep being cancelled, and I figure there won’t be much left before the end of the year. Before the lockdown, I was in the middle of the recordings of my next record, called “Trouble never let you down”..perfect name for this time, right?! Hopefully I’ll be able to go back to work on it soon..I have my band “The lonesome millionaires” backing me up on that, plus fantastic guests. It will be a soulful record for sure! Anyway, I look forward to better and safer times, to come back on stage, with energy and enthusiasm. Stay safe and healthy. Love, Stef

New year, new music!!

Hey folks!

Hope you had a great start on this 2020!

On my side, I begun the new year working a little bit less on stage, but very intensively in studio. Two records already saw the light, and my new solo record will be released very soon..and I am so excited about it!!

About the latest releases, you can find all of of them on my official Bandcamp page:

You can also subscribe to my Bandcamp page, so you can be automatically updated about any new releases!

All the best!


First time in Ireland!!

Hi folks!

I just came back from Rebel Heart Blues, Cork! It was my first time in Ireland, and I loved it!

This year is giving me the privilege of traveling a lot to many amazing countries, some of them I never been before! Russia, Ireland, Scotland..and next year is promising to be fantastic as well..check out the calendar and you’ll know what I am talking about!!

Coming next: Blues Cruise, and my dear Mountain Blues!!

Thank you, Strasbourg!!

Hi folks!

I’m just back from Blues Spot, Strasbourg, and I had a very good time!

Unfortunately, I missed the first show on Saturday night cause my flight has been cancelled..on this regard, I have to say that the crew of KLM/Air France at Amsterdam airport is simply fantastic. They did the best to help me out, find a solution, give me a cool hotel plus dinner, etc..with kindness even in a messy situation where everybody was shouting their frustration in their face!

Looking forward to coming back to Strasbourg next year!

By the way..the extra time spent at the airport had a lucky and sweet note..The Roots were on my same flight the day after, and I had a chat with their fabulous guitar player, Captain Kirk Douglas!!

Howlin’ around the World!!

Hi folks!!

Sorry for not being super active here recently, but I’ve been crazy busy touring and working on building my own studio in Berlin, Woodoo Studio! (It’s almost done, by the way..)

Wow..what an intense period of touring! The beautiful thing is that I had the chance to visit so many different places, cultures, and I met wonderful people!

I had such amazing experiences, so here is a little photo resume of the recent trips!

I also decided from now on to publish on this blog a new post everytime and everywhere I am traveling, so you can share a little bit with me the experience on the road!!

Next trip: right now, Strasbourg, France, Blues Spot!!

Moscow (Russia)

Vienna (Austria)

Copenhagen (Denmark)

Helsinki (Finland)

Torino (Italy)

Stuttgart (Germany)

Gdynia (Poland)

Göhren (Germany)

Lisbon (Portugal)