New Record update!!

Hey blues folks!

I’m extremely happy to tell you that my new record is at the final step..and it sounds glorious! I’m so happy and proud of what I did..actually, this is the second time I play in a record and I take care also of the arranging, composing, mixing, mastering, sampling, etc..

But this time is different. I took a lot of time to improve, with passion, sorrounded by the love and respect of good friends, incredible dancers, amazing musicians, and a beautiful woman too.

I feel blessed for going through this musical journey with such great musicians and friends as The Ragtime Millionaire, aka Pietro Martinelli, Henry Carpaneto and Lorenzo Bergamino.

This record is a perfect picture of myself, right now. Tomorrow maybe it will be different, I enjoy all music everyday, ready to evolve, improve and have fun, open minded.

Here is a little extract of the record.
I’ve chosen this song, instead of an original one, because I received so much love every time I played this song, specially for dancers.

I will update you later about all the special guests and the musicians who played on the record..for now, enjoy the music..

Love you all,



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