Next Events..old blues & lots of dances!!

Hey folks!!

I’m still super excited by the great gig I had yesterday night with my new Swing/Balboa project, called The Roaring Rag Beastie..we had so much fun!!

I’ve been touring a lot this month, I met a lot of new people, dancers and musicians all around..and before the end of the month still I have to come back to my beloved Valencia and play for Double Shot!! I can’t wait to be there!!

In the beginning of March I will spend some days playing in Munich with my good friends and incredible musicians Peter Crow C and Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Kramer, and for sure we will have a lot of fun! And then..Hygge Blues Festival, Copenhagen!! First time in Denmark!!

So..a lot of cool news, and many more still to come..



Valencia, the beautiful..

Hey folks!

I am in Valencia right beautiful..

I had a great time here, with some of my favorite dancers out there, aka Adamo Ciarallo, Vicci Moore and Annette Kühnle.

I met a lot of great people and beautiful dancers, and also some young and passionate musicians.

I definitely look forward to come back here at the end of February for Double Shot festival!!

Time to get ready for the next stop: Tuballoswing, Florence, Italy!!



The Magic of Petit ESBF

I’m sharing this amazing artwork by Julia Happymiaow to say just one thing: Petit ESBF in Madrid has been glorious. Some of the best dance teachers in the World, a room full of nice and passionate people dancing, and marvelous musicians..all in the same festival!! Thank you Madrid for welcoming me always so nice..see you soon!!


Thank you, Mr. Coleman!!

How can I describe an experience like this..three weeks on tour with a legendary musician, who played with all the greatests I’ve been used to listen to since I was a kid. Really, I have no words..just a lot of joy and gratitude. Thank you for teaching me so much.

Thank you, Mr. Coleman!!

On tour with Tony Coleman, and much more!!

Hey blues friends!

I’m really excited about touring with the legendary Tony Coleman..BB King’s drummer for more than 30 years!! I can’t believe I have this opportunity, specially because I can share this experience with my friends Henry Carpaneto and Pietro Martinelli (The Ragtime Millionaires), being part of Henry’s’s going to be awesome!!!!

Also, tomorrow I’m flying for my first time to Riga, Latvia, to play at Rock Cafe with Kat Baloun! That will be also fun!

Recordings are finished, I just have to wait for the graphic work and then I will send all the material to Spain, to Gaztelupeko Hotsak Records..and they will take care of producing it, the way they do!

I’m really looking forward to all of this..I feel super blessed, I love playing, singing, and mostly I love all of you out there, that enjoy and feel my music..thank you very much!!

All the best,


New Record update!!

Hey blues folks!

I’m extremely happy to tell you that my new record is at the final step..and it sounds glorious! I’m so happy and proud of what I did..actually, this is the second time I play in a record and I take care also of the arranging, composing, mixing, mastering, sampling, etc..

But this time is different. I took a lot of time to improve, with passion, sorrounded by the love and respect of good friends, incredible dancers, amazing musicians, and a beautiful woman too.

I feel blessed for going through this musical journey with such great musicians and friends as The Ragtime Millionaire, aka Pietro Martinelli, Henry Carpaneto and Lorenzo Bergamino.

This record is a perfect picture of myself, right now. Tomorrow maybe it will be different, I enjoy all music everyday, ready to evolve, improve and have fun, open minded.

Here is a little extract of the record.
I’ve chosen this song, instead of an original one, because I received so much love every time I played this song, specially for dancers.

I will update you later about all the special guests and the musicians who played on the record..for now, enjoy the music..

Love you all,


Where to find me this week!!

Hi Everybody!

Back from holidays, and immediately at work! I had a lot of fun last weekend, playing in Germany with Hammond organ Maestro Raphael Wressnig, and then in Italy with Marcos Coll, at Andora Blues Festival!

And now again..two gigs in Berlin, and then on a plane to Italy!!

So, on Thursday I will be playing at Blues Garage, and on Friday at Auster Club. Both gigs are in Berlin.

Saturday and Sunday you will find me in Italy, for the blues dance festival called Blues River Notes, in Milan!!

It’s going to be veeeeeery cool, so if you like good music, and you like to dance, or you want to learn how to move on Mississippi rhythms..well, dont miss it!!

Love you all,


A little vacation..finally!!

Hey folks!! Finally it’s time for a little vacation..just a week, but I will have some time to spend with my beloved family and my sweet woman, and also we will be visiting Rome..the Great. 

After that, no time for any extra chill out, back to work like a fury!! 

I got really cool gigs coming..some gigs in Germany with Marcos Coll, one gig in Poland (my first time there!!), and a few gigs with Micha Maass and the great Hammond player Raphael Wressnig!!

And then September will be full of cool October..and November..look forward to touring with the legendary Tony Coleman!!

See you soon guys!!