Dear flu: F..K OFF! Time to get back on the road!!

Hey folks!

After my last concert in Copenhagen (by the way: great show and great people! I loved it!) I came back home sick..very bad and annoying flu..but now I am definitely better and I can focus on next gigs!! Some cool concert in Germany this week, and on the weekend I got a flight to Israel! I am going to play for my good friends at Bread Jar Blues in Tel Aviv!

I am looking forward to those gigs and all the others!

See you on the road!!



Servus, Munich!!

Hi folks!

I’m having such a good time in Munich..the Festival in Puchheim has been amazing, and tomorrow I’ll be back in Berlin.

While I get ready for an intense week of music, today I enjoyed my last day in Munich going to a beautiful swimming pool, drinking a tasty ginger and mint tea, and eating a very good pizza!

Check the calendar to see my next gigs, see you soon on the road!!


Next Events..old blues & lots of dances!!

Hey folks!!

I’m still super excited by the great gig I had yesterday night with my new Swing/Balboa project, called The Roaring Rag Beastie..we had so much fun!!

I’ve been touring a lot this month, I met a lot of new people, dancers and musicians all around..and before the end of the month still I have to come back to my beloved Valencia and play for Double Shot!! I can’t wait to be there!!

In the beginning of March I will spend some days playing in Munich with my good friends and incredible musicians Peter Crow C and Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Kramer, and for sure we will have a lot of fun! And then..Hygge Blues Festival, Copenhagen!! First time in Denmark!!

So..a lot of cool news, and many more still to come..



Valencia, the beautiful..

Hey folks!

I am in Valencia right beautiful..

I had a great time here, with some of my favorite dancers out there, aka Adamo Ciarallo, Vicci Moore and Annette Kühnle.

I met a lot of great people and beautiful dancers, and also some young and passionate musicians.

I definitely look forward to come back here at the end of February for Double Shot festival!!

Time to get ready for the next stop: Tuballoswing, Florence, Italy!!



The Magic of Petit ESBF

I’m sharing this amazing artwork by Julia Happymiaow to say just one thing: Petit ESBF in Madrid has been glorious. Some of the best dance teachers in the World, a room full of nice and passionate people dancing, and marvelous musicians..all in the same festival!! Thank you Madrid for welcoming me always so nice..see you soon!!