Nomination received!!

Hey blues folks!

Hope all of you is doing well! While I am taking a short family vacation, I received this amazing news!

“Soul mining”, the album I recorded with Micha Maass and Klaas Wendling, received a nomination in Germany for “Album of the Year”!!

You can’t imagine how I feel, looking at my name in the same list with John Mayall, Joe Bonamassa, Watermelon Slim, Walter Trout..still can’t believe it!

I just can send my gratitude to all the people involved in the making of this record, my family for the endless support, and all of you guys, around the World, who always support me and appreciate my music..thank you so much!!

See you always!! 🙂

My best regards!!

Hey blues people,

After almost 150 concerts, it’s time to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome the new year!

I hope it will be full of good times and vibes for you all!!

I would like to look forward to it the same way Julius Cesar is looking to the sunset behind Fori Imperiali in Rome, one of my favorite places on Earth!

My best regards to y’all!


Last gig of 2018’s vacation time!!

Hey folks!

The last concert of the year is finished, now it’s finally time to rest a little and enjoy family time!

What an incredible year..full of concerts, travels, and emotions. I’m blessed to have this life, with beautiful people by my side always supporting me to do my best.

Thank you for your support, appreciation, and dances!

Looking forward to playing for you in 2019!

All the best, and have a great Christmas time!!


The Wolf in New York!!

Hey folks!

I’m super excited to be here in New York! First time ever here, and first visit in US since Chicago 2012!

I’ll be hanging’ around here for some days and playing a house concert on the 25th, just before flying to Madrid for Petit ESBF!

Intense traveling, full life..

See you around folks, greetings from Brooklyn!!

Traveling man

Hey folks,

I’m traveling..and traveling..and traveling..

And you know what? I love it!

I’m getting in touch with a lot of people, different cultures, beautiful countries and some new friends. That’s the beauty of Music!

Recently I’ve been in Italy, Greece, Dortmund, and many other places, and I had a lot of fun playing my music and seeing people dancing to it.

My schedule is super full till the beginning of next year, so check if I am coming to play close to you!

I have some great events coming soon this month:

1- International harmonica festival with Marko Jovanovic, in Trössingen

2- Little blues sister in Prague

3- Petit ESBF in Madrid!!

See you around!!


New endorsements!!

Hey folks!!

I’m having a lot of fun on the road! Recently back from Finland with the Baseballs, I’m packing again for Mountain Blues Camp, in Italy!

While I’m traveling around, I’m honored to receive confirmation of two new endorsements, with Sigma Guitars and Schertler amps!!

I’ve been playing Sigma guitars for the last 2 years, and I could not be happier and proud to receive from them a beautiful guitar, that I’m going to use from now on!

Same for Schertler..I used a pickup long time ago and I was very happy with it. Recently I tried one of their amps and I was totally amazed by the great sound quality, not easy on acoustic instruments.

Thank you Sigma and Schertler for believing in my music and giving me the opportunity of being your ambassador on the road!!



Next trips!!

Hey folks!

Hope you all are having a great summer!

I’ll be traveling and bringing my music everywhere..that’s what I love the most about being a musician!

More or less, these are the places that me and my guitar will visit in the next months:

Tel Aviv, Helsinki, Florence, Leipzig, Milan, Gdynia (Poland), Athens, Dortmund, Prague, New York, Madrid, Derby (England), Montecatini, London, Vienna, and so on..

thank you for following me, and sharing my enthusiasm and passion!!

See you around,


Weekend in England!!

Hey ya’ll!!

Time to pack my stuff again, this time I’m going to play in Derby, England, at Crossroad Blues!!

These people are so kind, I’m really looking forward to being there!

Also, I’ll be playing on my birthday, first time on British ground!

Lots of great concerts and collaborations are coming, stay tuned!!